Why Is Pip In So Much Debt

Pip’s expensive lifestyle leads to debt Pip is in debt. His lifestyle has left him with nearly $50,000 in debt. Life is expensive and Pip needs to pay off his student loan, but he can’t find the money. He has a friend that owes him money, so he asks his friend for help borrowing from … Read more

How To Turn Debt Into Money

Debt can be a positive force if used properly The term “debt” can be a very scary word. The fear is that it will bring bad things to your life. The reality is, though, that debt can be a positive force if used properly. The following article will explain the difference between debt and money … Read more

How To Confess Debt To Spouse

For people who have been in relationship with a partner for a long time, the one thing that can really break the ice is the topic of debt. This can be very uncomfortable for both parties, and it’s not difficult to see why. It’s like being in a small relationship where there is usually a … Read more

How To Buy Assets With Debt

How to buy assets with debt Debt is one of the best ways to acquire assets. It is a form of leverage which allows you to acquire a piece of real estate for much less than you would buy it for on a cash basis. In fact, you can acquire real estate in many ways: … Read more

How To Beat Debt

In this post, I’m going to explain how to beat debt and how to avoid debt in the first place. While it may seem that this is an easy topic to cover, I think everyone has heard of the financial crisis and how the government was able to take money from people’s accounts and use … Read more

How Much Does A Debt Attorney Cost

I am a debt attorney. I’m also an entrepreneur, and a co-founder of a well-known startup. I’ve spent the last 10 years helping people deal with debt. In my experience, the common complaint about debt is that it’s too complicated, and creating a plan for getting out of it is confusing. And in many cases, … Read more

How Long After Debt Settlement Can I Buy A House

You’ve read How to Buy a House, the book on the buying of a home. You’ve made the decision, you have done all the preparations and you’ve gotten your money. Now what? Well, now it’s time to take action. You can actually buy a house after debt settlement; there are some conditions which need to … Read more

Why Might People Refer To Student Loans As Good Debt

Federal student loans are considered good debt because they are an investment in the student’s future. These loans can be used to repay your education debt, or consolidate your loan payments into a single payment plan. If you have more than one type of debt and are struggling to pay them off, having one consolidated … Read more

How To Retire Debt Free And Wealthy

Why retiring debt-free is so important Retirement is an awesome time to be alive. I mean, you’re putting one foot in front of the other, and walking away from a life you had no idea you wanted. You’re able to buy whatever you want, whenever you want, with cash. All the great things of life … Read more

How To Buy Debt For Pennies On The Dollar

The term “debt collection” dates back to the middle ages, when merchants and bankers would pay courtiers to collect debts owed by their customers. The debt collection industry is a large, rapidly growing industry in the United States, and is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. This is a short (10 minute) … Read more